Our Team

BDR’s management and directors include experienced executives in such key areas as: finance, mergers and acquisitions, marketing and administration. The Company operates cost effectively with minimal overhead to achieve optimum effectiveness. The Company’s management team each have over three decades in finance, the resources industry and energy sectors.

Listed: Canadian Securities Exchange (CSE) Trading Symbol: BDR

Common Shares issued: 16,666,861
Stock Options: 1,250,000
Broker Warrants: 630,000
Fully Diluted: 18,546,861


Management and Directors

CEO & Director Jon Bridgman Toronto, Ontario
Vince Ghazar Calgary, Alberta
Treasurer & Director Edward Thompson, B.Sc. Winnipeg, Manitoba
Director Donal Carroll, CPA Toronto, Ontario
Director Warren Hawkins, BASc., P.Eng. Toronto, Ontario

Investor Inquiries

Jon Bridgman, CEO
Telephone - Toll Free: 1-877-587-0777
Email: jonbirdriver@gmail.com